Sept 15, 2016: New on PsychCentral: The New School Year and the Divorced Parent

August 24, 2016: New on PsychCentral Pro: Seven Reasons to Break Up with Your Business Partner

August 22, 2016: New on PsychCentral: 10 New School Year Resolutions:

August 13, 2016 :  New on PsychCentral: 10 Ways to Increase Marital Intimacy:

August 12, 2016: New on PsychCentral Pro: Building a Practice with Pro-bono Work

August 7, 2016: New on PsychCentral: A Good Marriage is a Safe Marriage:

August 6, 2016: New on PsychCentral: 6 Reasons to Let Kids do Dangerous Things:

July 10, 2016: New on PsychCentral: Staying Involved as a Non-Custodial Parent:

July 2, 2016: New on PsychCentral Professional: 5 Mistakes Beginning Therapists often Make:

June 22, 2016: New on PsychCentral: Summer, Teens and Alcohol

June 18, 2016: New on PsychCentral Professional: Managing the Anxiety of Private Practice:

June 14, 2016: New on PsychCentral: What Only a Father Can Do:

June 14, 2016: Interview by Dr. Carol Bernstein on Doctor Radio-SiriusXM110 on The Empty Nest Syndrome. Dr Radio is broadcase live from the lobby of the NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City.  They have 8 hours of programming Monday – Friday.

June 12, 2016: Interview with Bonnie Kaye on her radio blog, Straight Wives:

June 9,, 2016: New on Huffington Post: Non-Custodial Parents: Don’t Lose Touch with Your Kids –

June 2, 2016: New on PsychCentral: Parenting for Positive Identity:

May 20, 2016: New on Psych Central: The Challenge of Private Practice Start up:

May 20, 2016: New on PsychCentral: Mental Health Month: Normal Teen Angst or Adolescent Mental Illness:

May 13, 2016: New on Psych Central: Narcissistic Personality Disorder vs. Normal Narcissism:

May 17, 2016: WAFC Radio, 92.5 FM, SouthWest Florida:  Interview by Nicole Reid – Managing holidays after a recent loss of a loved one.

May 9, 2016: New on HuffingtonPost: Divorced and Parenting: Avoid the Poison Ps:

May 8, 2016: New on PsychCentral: Mother’s Day for Other Mothers:  

http:// for  -other mothers/

April 12, 2016: Honored to be selected to appear on the homepage of the American Psychological Assn’s online newsletter,

APA Access:

April 10, 2016: New on PsychCentral Professional: Ten Tasks for the Pregnant Therapist:

April 5, 2016: New on HuffPost: Moving On When your Divorce Wasn’t Fair

April 3, 2016: New on PsychCentral: Stop Toxic Fighting with Your Ex

March 15, 2016: How to Talk to Your Kids About that Bad Teacher

March 2016: New on PsychCentral Professional:  Designing Treatment Friendly Waiting Rooms: http://

  • Therapeutic Office Design: It Matters:

March 2016: New on PsychCentral

  • Frustrated with Your Therapy? Talk about it!

  • When Conflict Turns into Fighting

February 2016: New on PsychCentral:

  • Don’t Fight, Be Happy

  • Valentine’s Day Relationship Checklist

  • Making Love Last: Lessons from the Long Married

February 2016: On PsychCentral Professional:

  • Boundary Structure in Ethical Practice, Part I

  • Boundary Structure in Ethical Practice, Part 2

  • Advice for Therapists Going into Private Practice

January 2016: On PsychCentral:

  • Resisting SADness

  • The Importance of Momentary Mentors.

  • Planning for February School Vacation:

 Dec. 18, 2015: On Safebee: How to Have a More Harmonious Holiday

December 2015: On PsychCentral:  

When and How to Find a Couples Therapist.

  • New Year’s Resolutions: Good Intentions or Real Commitment?

  • Baby Baths Mean More than Getting Clean.

  • Guidelines for Managing Kids’ Screen Time

November 2015:  On PsychCentral:  

  • 5 Reasons Not to Go Home for the Holidays

  • Gift-giving: ‘Tis the Season to Be Sensitive.

  • The Affair in your marriage may be your therapist

November 2015: Proceedings Publication of the 32nd Annual Conference of the National Assn. for the Dually Diagnosed: What’s Wrong? – Holistic Assessment & Planning For People with Intellectual Disability, San Francisco

October 2015 on PsychCentral:

  • Halloween Have things gone too far

  • Turning Acquaintances into Friends

  • When a Child Lies

September 2015 on PsychCentral:

 – Creating Trust in a Relationship.

  • Recovering from an Affair.

  • How Many Friends Do You Need?

2015/2016 Issue: Okanagan Family Magazine: The Benefits of Play

Sept/Oct 2015 Issue: The NADD Bulletin:  It’s Not Just About Pay: 3 Ways to Increase Staff Retention

September 2015 on PsychCentral:

  • When a Loved One Becomes Disabled

  • The Roots of Loneliness

  • When you don’t like your teen’s friends

August 2015 on PsychCentral:

  • 6 Essentials to pack for Freshman Year

  • Back to School. Back to Routines!

  • Guidelines for Managing Kids’ Screen Time

July 2015 on PsychCentral: The Care and Maintenance of Friendship

On PsychCentral Pro:

  • Suicidality and Private Practice

June 2015 on PsychCentral:

  • Fathers are Not Inferior Parents

  • Myths and Facts About Autistic Children

  • 6 Tips for Working Hard without Working Crazy

May 2015 on PsychCentral:

  • Reasons to Send Your Child to Overnight Camp

  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month

  • Autistic and Gifted: Supporting the Twice Exceptional Child

April 2015 on PsychCentral:

  • What Every Parent Should Know About Autism

  • Caring for Yourself When Care-giving

  • Working Parents’ Guide to Summer Child Care

April 2, 2015: Announcing: Book launch reception for Unlocking the Secrets of Self-Esteem at Amherst Books, 8 Main St, Amherst at 4:00 p.m.

March 2015: On PsychCentral

  • The Benefits of Volunteering as a Family

  • What? You Don’t Meditate Yet?

  • Stressed to the Max

February 2015 on PsychCentral:

  • Cooking Up a Family of Love

  • Single Parenting isn’t Second Rate

  • Counter the Psychology of Pessimism

January 2015 on PsychCentral:The Benefits of Play

  • Confrontations vs. Conversations

  • Writing for Health

January 31, 2015:  Announcing Book Publication:Unlocking the Secrets of Self-Esteem , Published by New Harbinger Press

Jan. 2, 2015:

  • Why Self Esteem Can Protect You From Bad Relationships And how to increase your feelings of worth

December 2014 On PsychCentral Just One New Year’s Resolution

Nov. 20, 2014: HuffPost: Your Child Should Never be Your Shoulder to Cry On

August 12, 2014: Huff Post: Visiting Kids: Tips for Noncustodial Parents

July 11, 2014: HuffPostRemarriage and Renewal

June 8, 2014: HuffPostYou Can Be A Good Dad – Even If You Didn’t Have One

May 6, 2014: HuffPost: The Kid Connection

April 3, 2014: HuffPost: Start Summer Planning Now

Mar. 3, 2014:HuffPost: When Grandparents Divorce

Feb. 3, 2014 HuffPost: Divorce with the Child with Special Needs

Dec. 16, 2013: HuffPost: What If Your Ex Shows Up at Holiday Parties?

Nov 2013: Presentation of paper at The NADD annual conference: Integrated Relapse Prevention (IRP) A Model for Treatment of Individuals with Intellectual Disability who have a history of  Sex Offending Behaviors, co-authored with April Stein and Brien Goodwin

Nov.22, 2013  SiriusXM81 Radio:  About Our Kids on Doctor Radio – child psych and parenting show, talk about Holiday Travel with Children.

Nov. 6, 2013: HuffPost: Reconnecting with Children You Left Behind

Oct. 1, 2013; Huff Post: Start Holiday Planning Now

Aug. 26, 2013: HuffPost: Divorced and Going Back to School

Aug. 21, 2013: SiriusXM81 Radio: Interview with Dr. Carol Bernstein on “Everyday Health”

July 31, 2013: HuffPost: Sometimes a Child’s Refusal to Go With You Is a Test

July 14, 2013: NYTimes:

July 2 2013: HuffPost: Sending the Kids on Summer Vacation With Their Other Parent

May 27, 2013: HuffPost: Introducing Your Children to Your New Love

April 8, 2013: HuffPost: Part Time Presence, Full Time Parent

 April 30, 2013: HuffPost: When Should A Step Parent Step In?

March 6, 2013: HuffPost: Divorced but Fathering Well

 Feb. 28, 2013: HuffPost:Why Your Kids Resist Liking Your New Partner

July 6, 2012: HuffPost: The 5 Cs of Divorced Co-parenting

 June 7, 2012 : HuffPost:  Are the kids Alright?

May 31, 2012: HuffPost: Top 5 Kid Concerns when Parents Divorce

March 29, 2012: HuffPost: Post-Divorce Recovery

January , 2012: HuffPost: New Year, New Resolve to Let Go of the Anger

 December 10, 2011HuffPost: When Your Ex Goes Overboard at Christmas.

Nov. 9 2011: Announcing Book Publication: Tending the Family Heart Through the Holidays

 November 15, 2011 HuffPost: Divorced Parenting During the Holiday Season: Flexibility is the key.

Aug. 28, 2011: Tending the Family Heart wins Gold Award from the Young Voices Foundation. For complete announcement see:

Aug 3, 2011: Big Apple Parent ( How To Encourage Siblings to Attend Each Other’s Events–

Aug. 3, 2011: Big Apple Parent ( Siblings Should Cheer Each Other On

May 24, 2011:  The Pittsburgh Better Times: Graduation Day: A Primer for Badly Divorced Parents

Jan. 26, 2011: Announcing Book Publication: Tending the Family Heart: Connecting Your Family in Disconnecting Times

June 25, 2008: Well page: Quoted by Tara Parker Pope in The Basics of Fatherhood

Nov. 2006: Proceedings Publication of the 23rd Annual Conference of the National Assn. for the Dually Diagnosed, San Diego, “A Case Managers Guide to Moving a Stuck Case: What we can learn from Systemic Family Therapy”, with April Stein.

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